VMG is Velocity Made Good

In yacht racing, the helmsman and crew use the term VMG to optimise the boat speed performance, so to arrive at the mark as quickly as possible. The boat that has the maximum average of VMG – generally wins the race.

We want to align with this concept to bring you a marine line of clothing that accelerates in high performance, function and style.

meet the team

“I want to offer something that is fit for purpose and is functional”

“VMG will make a stand for sustainability, and we will be proud of it”

“If you’ve got the right gear, you can work your best and make the best decisions”

“VMG is the new look, it’s the future”

Nick Butterworth

Brad Butterworth

Owen Rutter

Confidence is key, and we’re here to steer you in the right direction

Between us, we know how much you have to dig deep to work around the clock on a superyacht.

These sorts of expereinces have inspired us to cultivate designs for on board luxury, out and about, and everything in between.

The team here considers the little details that help you perform`at your best, while also owning the look.

Your voyage, our mission